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A comic about... whatever comes to mind at the moment. A bunch of one-pages or short stories. They may be funny, depressing, suggestive, or just random. I will also do some experiences I've had just to get them out of my mind. This is just a way to get a fraction of the puzzle in my head sorted out. WARNING: I will be using profanity and some comics may have profanity.


JUSTA Reminder

I want to let you know MOST of the pages are Right-Left. I'm very used to that style even though Chinese manhua is Left-Right. I might have some that go Left-Right, I don't know. If so I will let you know.

Also, the title says Random Draw in Chinese, not Japanese. Even though I use Japan as setting in many Earth stories (not fantasy), I don't know lots about Japan and Japan language so I don't push it.

Have fun summer!

Posted by jjfresh @ August 5th, 2013, 7:35 pm
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Heya! If you have seen my Forum or my news on Beautiful Lies(, then you should know I will be gone for a few days. Technically, it is 16 hours flight to China but 3 days jet lag. I'm going tomorrow so I'm gonna do a couple pages today for this new random comic. Thanks for checking it out! Oh, and this comic is just for fun. Just so what I can't express with words, I can get out of my head on paper.

Posted by jjfresh @ August 5th, 2013, 12:28 pm
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